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8 Things Every Overweight Person Has To Hear

Overweight people have it rough. It becomes very difficult to be comfortable in your own skin and be happy about yourself when instead of words of encouragement, all you hear are taunts and jokes being made on you.

You become the source of unwanted attention. You pay gravely for your love for food. If only you could eat and eat and not get fat, but nature is cruel and so are some people around you.

Here are a few things every obese human out there has heard at least once in their lives.

1) Kitta Khayega?


It is one thing to check our portions voluntarily and another to be checked about them again and again which is really annoying! We’ll eat till we satisfy our stomach and our soul and if you have a problem with that we’ll eat you too!

2) Hathi Mere Saathi


In defense of all stout people out there, we just want to say that elephants are lovely and exotic creatures. But if you overdo it, we’ll make sure to trample all over you.

3) Don’t Run You’ll Cause an earthquake/ that crack on the floor is because of you


So now we cause earthquakes instead of the moving tectonic plates? Pretty cool. It’s like having a superpower! You puny humans can never understand.

4) You’ll never get married


Guess what? We don’t want to marry someone who judges us solely based on the outer appearance. There’s much more to us than a fleshy exterior.

5) Wear Black, It makes You Look slim


Black sure is trendy but why should we wear that only? Fat people aren’t a mournful batch to stick to only black. Bigger the body, bigger is the heart visit TheDetoxCenter. We are vibrant people who too can wear vibrant colours. Judge us all you want!

6) The Pelican Neck


Yes, we have a flabby double chin and no it isn’t for storing extra food. There is no need to tug on it either. Grow your own if you are that fascinated!

7) Join Some Gym, Immediately!


We agree that we are conscious about our body and we want a toned figure but until and unless it comes from within, you can’t do much about it.

Stop making us feel guilty for being ourselves! Instead of mocking us, good motivation and encouragement from your side can really help.

 8) You Look Pregnant


Now that’s just plain rude. Do you have a death wish?
Plumpiness doesn’t make us devoid of feelings, it probably fills in too much of them.
So everyone out there don’t judge us, You should know that beauty comes in all shape and circle is also a shape.

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