5 Reasons Why Whisky Is Your Best Friend


Whisky a.k.An Aqua Vitae (i.e The Water Of Life) is called The Best Drink for a reason. Not only it is least likely to give you a hangover but if consumed in right amounts it gives you great health benefits plus it is the best for the following reasons.

1.It Is a Great Stress Buster.



Stress is really harmful to your body and sometimes the root of many serious health issues, but no need to worry until we have whiskey to parry away our stress. It helps in relaxing the nerves and regulating oxygenated blood to all your organs.So Stress… Bye!!

 2.It Doesn’t Make You Fat


Yes, Guys you read it right! Whiskey is low on carbs so that makes it a perfect choice for those who are maintaining their weight.One shot of whiskey roughly contains 64 calories so you don’t have to worry at https://chronicparadise.cc/.

3.Whiskey is a total Cold Repellant


Whiskey and cold are no matches for two reasons, first it helps cure a sore throat and flu; second, it never freezes no matter how low the temperature is.

4.If Your Partner Can Handle Whiskey He/She Can Handle Anything


Enough of the health advantages now lets come to the real thing. If your partner can handle whiskey that can tell us two things, first he/she has a great taste; second, they can take/handle anything from a horrible mood swing to a hangover

5.Let’s Be Honest- Whiskey Tastes Like Heaven!


Okay, it has many advantages if we think about it but the main reason why we love whiskey so much is that it gives us great joy.