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5 Questions We All Ask Ourselves In Our 20’s.

20’s are the most enthusiastic years of everyone’s life because you are old enough to go to college and do a job and still young to do stupid things. There are some situations which are common in everyone’s life when they are in their 20’s.

1.”No Money Dude”

Madhavan-and-His-Dad-3-Idiots Mostly all of us are broke in at least the first five years of our twenties. The reason behind this is when parents ask us that where we spent our money we can’t tell them that it all went on beer. So having spent a large amount of money on these things we are always short of it for any other plans. But don’t worry soon you will be stable and start earning. This is just a temporary problem.

2.”How do I look?”

You-look-fat This is one of the most common problems. Everyone is insecure about their looks. It is basically about the competition we feel from everyone of your age group. Body built, complexion, expensive clothes …. These are all the worries we have. But soon we will realize that all these things don’t even matter … what really matters is for us to accept who we really are.

3. “Will I even get a decent job?’

lakshya14 Future worries.. !! At this age when all of your friends are getting nice jobs and you are just sitting on your couch, watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S all over again while eating pizza … you wonder “Will I even get a decent job and pay for my pizza?” Trust me guys it’s just because of peer pressure. We are capable graduates and we will get a nice job and that too soon.

4. “When will I find the love of my life?”

love-yourself Everyone will agree that your love life in these years is as messed up as your earphones (bad reference yet true). You are constantly searching for “true love” because your parents have already started the partner search for you and you are way too cool for a cliché arranged marriage. So don’t rush into finding love … it will come to you by itself or you always have the option of “meri wali to mummy layengi”.

5. ”Am I Addicted?”

alcohol-492871_640 All of us have one or other addiction ….be it weed or alcohol or maybe long drives or social media. You can TikTok likes kaufen make you popular. But it is there and we all wonder that if we will spoil our lives because of it. The answer is no, because as you will become mature you will realize that these addictions were merely “jawani ke shauk”.

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