This Tech Channel Trolls DIY Videos on YouTube


YouTube is not just a place to watch funny cat videos or laugh at the epic fail compilations. It is also a place to learn a skill with those easy and step by step DIY style videos.

I’ve personally learned a lot of stuff and have actually build stuff just by seeing the videos on YouTube.


I recently stumbled on this YouTube Channel that helps to increase views with the help of and also about another channel that creates tech DIY videos showing you how to make stuff like Wireless Chargers, Earphones or Charging your phone from an Apple. (Yes, you read it right).

At first, his videos might look cool and his work might look impressive to you. ,

Like this video where he teaches how to make a Wireless Earphone.

But, wait a minute, what is he doing?

Did he just simply cut the wires, added Aluminum foil and it worked? Watch the video yourself.


Seems like he is just trolling the YouTube watchers.

And is actually getting appreciated. If you go through the comments section, Only a few people knew that it’s just a joke. And a lot of people tried.

Anyway, the videos have been watched over half a million times in a span of two years, which I think is a big number.

His Other Video is quite similar to this, where he makes a Wireless Charger.

And my favourite is the video where he extracts power from Apple to charge his iPhone.

This one has been watched over 3.5 million times.

He has only three videos uploaded on his channel, with over 4+ million views and 11000+ Subscribers. I think it’s a good number for three videos.

This shows that, on YouTube, you just need to be unique and original and people would definitely watch your videos. I wish he makes videos more often.