This is Perhaps the Greatest Revenge of All Time


It’s rare that we come across a gem of video like this, which is so epic that we tend to share with you all.

This is probably the greatest revenge of all time

This scene is a segment of the movie Wild Tales  (Spanish) (2014), which has six such segments and this one is named ‘Pastemark’ you will know why after watching this scene.


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Wanna know more about it?

Even though majority of the people won’t be interested in knowing some foreground or background of this scene, if you are like me, you should read this to know more about it, and, maybe, you’ll get to watch more of the director’s work

This is a segment of a movie released in 2014, Wild Tales. The movie has six segments, all of them are directed by Damián Szifron. 

The six segments are as follows. 

Two airplane passengers discover that they know a man named Pasternak

Las Ratas
A loan shark (César Bordón) stops at a small restaurant by a highway and is the lone patron.

El más fuerte
Diego (Leonardo Sbaraglia) is driving through the desert and tries to overtake a slower, older car, but it blocks him.

Simón Fischer (Ricardo Darín), a demolition expert, picks up a cake for his daughter’s birthday party and discovers his car has been towed away.

La Propuesta
A teenager, in his father’s car, arrives home after committing a hit-and-run on a pregnant woman. On the local news, the woman and child are reported dead, and her husband swears vengeance.

Hasta Que la muerte nos separe
At a Jewish wedding[3] party, the bride, Romina (Érica Rivas), discovers that her groom, Ariel (Diego Gentile), has cheated on her with one of the guests.

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