Twitter is Trolling This American Guy Who Tweeted a Question About Bathrooms in India


We Indians have our own share of bathroom struggles whenever we visit a foreign country where, you know, toilet paper is prepared over water.

Because here in India we have invented our own system of using water even with a western toilet. Is called the jet spray, that sprays water and… wait a minute, do I need to tell you how to use it? I’m sure you already know,


If you are not like this guy who has no idea why is that water hose next to the toilet.

Now, by looking at the Tweet, we can’t be certain if the guy is being sarcastic is really not aware of why it is there.

But, wait before the cat gets killed because of the curiosity, and go through the Tweets that started it trolling this guy over his ignorance.

If his tweet was sarcastic, this guy has a perfect response for him.

Here is this Muslim guy explaining him, the religion tells everyone to watch their parts after using the toilet.

And this,

And some serious debate over hygiene

This one might make him even more confusing, unless he tries some Indian Food.

Here’s one more

Wonder what he is going to tweets if he visits Interior parts of India.

Was the guy really joking or what he serious about not knowing why the Jet spray was there?

I went to his Twitter profile and review of face straight and it seems that she is a nice guy with good sense of humor so it is most likely to be a joke and he is aware of its usage.

But Twitter only needs a target, and it was him at that moment. His tweet has got over 4k retweets and a thousand mentions. So, seems Twitter had a lot of fun with him.