6 Ways Our Parents React on Our Exam Results


Results! The most dreaded word. The word in itself holds the immense power to make an atheist to a theist. Actually no! Results can’t be the only thing. Our dear parents, of course, ever ready to embed your heart and mind with terror. It’s just something in the way our parents react, ever so unique and just so…’parent-like’ 😉

1. How Did You Even Pass?

Amrish-Puri-Reacion1Had it been for the parents, they would’ve awarded you with the ‘Dumber-than-a-box-of-rocks’ awards! A report card with no red mark or sans the back paper is such a pleasant ‘surprise’ to them.


2. Did You Cheat In Your Exam?


What? Nooooo!! In fact, I helped the others in the class to pass. I was their guardian angel!
Yeah like they are ever gonna buy this. Parents are way smarter than we think them to be. They’ve been there, done that)

3. Let’s Compare!


One of those times when you wish your friend had actually failed the exams. The time when you want to thrust the knife into Mr.Sharma’s ‘topper’ son and twist the knife first to your right and then to your left. Too gory? Okay sorry :p

4. Time for a Lecture


This is the lecture that every parent saves for a day like this. The lecture after the results are announced! They give you a quick insight into your future and scare you to death. They paint a vivid picture of how dark and gloomy your future is going to be. Scarier than the movie, Conjuring!

5. Cellphone’s the Culprit


Yes, because when they can’t think of anything, they blame your cellphone. An easy target! The scapegoat! Poor cellphones…I pity them.
“Poora din phone Mein! Padhai kab hogi? Tabhi aesa result!” Mom-dad, take a chill-pill

6. 90%? Bas?

“Even a child with below average IQ could score more than you!” Now there goes your last shred of dignity and self-respect -_-