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7 Struggles of Being THE ELDEST in Your Family

7 Struggles of Being THE ELDEST in Your Family

Being the eldest in the family is not at all an easy task. You must’ve performed some serious sins in your past life that you were punished for being the eldest in your generation!

Here’s a list of 7 problems every Senior Citizen could relate to.

1. STUDY, STUDY and STUDY Till You Die!


Padhoge nahi to kya karogeBheekh mangoge?” This statement was enough to bring your world to an end. Everyone must’ve heard these heart-breaking, life-shattering words from their parents at least a zillion times be it the elder sibling or the younger one.

But, being the elder the amount of beating received with this statement was exponentially higher.

2. The Whole Vehicle Follows the FRONT WHEEL


Bend It Like Beckham

Seriously, being the eldest if you make even a slightest mistake, it would lead to a bad impression on your younger siblings (even if they never come to know what the hell happened)! So, you’ve gotta be the most sincere human being ever alive… After all, you’re the leader of the pack!

3. Love thy Siblings (even if they break your favorite mug)


Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham

Everyone loves their siblings. We love it when they scribble on our assignments, we love it when they eat up our share of the food, we even love them when they bug us to give them our phones and laptops to play games!

Seriously, aren’t this pesting, bugging relatives fun to be around?

4. Don’t Even Look at the Opposite Gender! (or Maybe the Same as well)


Bend It Like Beckham

Take this advice. If you happen to talk to your friend of the opposite gender in front of your relatives, make sure you’ve already got a life insurance and a new home to live!e

5. Love and Respect All Your Relatives


Remember the sweet annoying aunt of yours who used to tear your cheeks apart with affection? And the uncle who always had a story to tell about an underprivileged kid doing better at academics than you?

And how can you forget how they used to spy on you as if you’re a recent recruit of a terrorist organization and they are the undercover agents of the Indian government.

No matter how annoying and ridiculous these people may get, you’ve got to love and respect them. After all, you are the eldest and THEY ARE FAMILY!

6. Learn to sacrifice


Bend It Like Beckham

“Tum bade ho na?” If you are the eldest in your family you will know what these words feel like…

7. Shaadi!


Bend It Like Beckham

If you are the eldest in your house relatives would be excited about your marriage since you the time you will get into class 12, and by the time you graduate, they would’ve probably seen about a dozen matches for you! Akhir aap unke RAJA BETA/RAJKUMARI hain.


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