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9 Signs Your Current Job Sucks


I remember once a very wise man said that you spend one-third of your life sleeping, one-third working so that you can enjoy one-third of your life.

The only way to live you life to the fullest is to do something you love, are you doing that?

In case if you ae not sure, here are 9 signs your job sucks, it will give you a better idea to either stick with it or look for the next one.

And btw, that wise person is Me. 😀

1. You are not Motivated to Get up in the Morning to Work


When I googled ‘getting up in the morning’ in Google image search, most of the search results were happy faces, exciting to get up from the bed. If are not like that. I am sorry, your job sucks.

2.There is Too Much Bitching in Your Office.


It’s might be fun to be a part of a conversation when the person being bitched about is not you. But too much is just too much, plus, if they bitch about you too, how can you even work with them. Your Job Sucks.

3. There is more competition to get that Office Babe’s attention than to compete on Performance.


The male/female ratio of your office is too bad. And the Hottest or the Cutest (depending on what you like the most) girl has more guys offering her the Stapler. Your Job Sucks.

4. You think your Boss Hates You.


Or Maybe he actually does, It’s very rare he is not a jackass. Your Job Sucks.

5. You Spend more time on Facebook rather than the Project You are assigned to.


Because, getting candy crush requests is more bearable than the work.

6. You Keep Checking Your WhatsApp Messages every 15 minutes.


You are the one who forwards Jokes from on group to another.
Yes, I photoshopped above pic, but it’s better than, these epic photoshop fails, you decide. :-). And yes, Your Job sucks.

7. You are Asked to Come to work Even on Sundays

work on weekends

It’s obvious that you have to work on Sundays if you miss out on the deadline. Who told you do browse Facebook while at work on weekdays? You need to fill that up bro. Your Job sucks.

8. You Haven’t got a Raise in your Salary in last two years.


Maybe you are really not working hard for that, maybe you are browsing Facebook at work. It can just be your Boss who is a jackass. But TWO F*****G Years is too long. Your Job Sucks,

9. Nigerian Princess Wants to marry you and give you all her wealth while your Boss still thinks you are a loser.


We know about your boss, but if, by any chance, you think that the Princess of Nigeria wants to marry you and give you all her wealth (the money and other stuff, pun intended). It’s better to stick with your Job. Your Job does not suck at all.

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