When I was a kid, I used to think that in order to get married, one has to really sing and dance around trees, thanks to the Bollywood movies to ruin a Kid’s Childhood.

Anyway, when I grew older, I started finding excuses not to get married, but it seems, the society thinks its mandatory to get married and you have to start answering question like ‘When are you getting married?” ‘You should get married now‘.


This is a list of fresh 9 reasons why it’s not the right time to get married.

1. You Get Sleep on the either side of the Bed

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Bed is the place you spend 1/3rd Part of your life, Once you are married, you have to share that space for the rest of your life, then you have to give up one of the Random sides you loved getting up randomly.

And yes, your days of sleeping Diagonally will be over. Do you want that?

2. Sundays Will Be All Yours 

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After a week of hard work comes a day where you just want to Chill, sometimes alone, sometimes with friends. But having to spend the entire golden day doing household chores is a different experience.

A kind of experience you won’t mind missing.

3. No Irritating In-Laws to Deal With

Marriage comes with a number of side effects, one of them is that irritating In law. Okay, don’t think too deep. Come back. You’ll be glad you don’t have one yet.

4. You Don’t Have to Worry About Getting Your Things Misplaced

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It is said that a man comes to know about the struggles of life when he gets married. But then something similar is said at the end of every stage of life, be it transitioning from a Student life to Job life. So, chill. No remembering what vegetable looks like, how to get the fresh lady finger or french beans. And no remembering the rates.

5. Not Having to Deal with Divorce

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Not all the marriages are meant to last for a lifetime, we see and read a lot about Divorces, but being a part of one is very tough. It’s a lonely feeling that you don’t want to experience. So, No Marriage, No worrying about Divorce, at least for now.

6. Because 20s is the Time to Enjoy Life

Dil Chahta Hai / YouTube
Dil Chahta Hai / YouTube

You are in your twenties, Okay early thirties, we won’t tell anyone, it’s time to enjoy life, go on seeing places with friends, focus on your career, sleep the entire long weekends, smoke weeds, okay no smoking, but Enjoy your life for God’s sake.

7. Not Every Marriage is Made in Heaven 

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Some are fixed by parents, or, in worst cases, Marriages are fixed by Relatives who work as Matchmakers to hook two individuals up just because they both are single.

Seriously, for them, nothing else matters, except for Kudali’s, I’ve heard even these can be Matched easy these days, corruption is everywhere.

8. You are not the Guy with a Plan

The Joker
The Joker

Do you really know where you will be 6 months down the list, okay, that seems ambitious, tell us what’s your plans for next week? IF you really had to put a thought to it, you are cleared, Marriage is not for you right now.

9. Marriage Means End of Dating Life

Want to say goodbye to the Hot Tinder profiles?
Want to say goodbye to the Hot Tinder profiles?

You’ve just created a Tinder profile, and not getting tired of swiping right, we do not blame you, there are too many Hot Guys/Girls on this planet. Getting Married right now would be like leaving the party at 9.

I’ve actually read that last line somewhere. Anyway, do you really want to settle down? No. Okay, Good, Save a soul now by sharing this with a friend who you know, wants to read this.