The Popular Kid’s Series Doraemon has actually got an Ending, and It’s Quite Heartwarming


The Doraemon series has been running from last few years. And it seems there is no end to it. 

I was curious and tried finding if there is really no end. Will Nobita ever grow older? what will happen to Doraemon? 


I found my answer and share it with you. 

One a normal day, Nobita came from School and went straight upstairs to meet his friend Doraemon. 

And as usual, Doraemon was sleeping. Nobita thought that Doraemon is tried so he went out to play with his friends. 


When Nobita returned home, Doraemon was still sleeping, Nobita started to worry, he tried everything to wake him up, but couldn’t 

He tried his usual tantrums of screaming and crying, but there was no reply from Doraemon. 

He then got an Idea to his Doraemon’s Desk, the Time Machine to travel to the future and meet Doraemon’s sister Dorami, and find out if she has a solution. 


Nobita asks Doraemon’s sister to come with him in his life and see if she should help him revive Doraemon. She Agrees to come with him. 

Dorami inspects the Robot and tells Nobita that Doraemon’s battery is low. 

Battery low? so nothing’s broken, right? Nobita was relieved. 

Nobita asks Dorami to replace the batteries of the Robot and bring Doraemon back to life. 


Are you sure? Dorami asks. 

Why is that a question? what do you mean by that? asks Nobita. 

If I remove the battery, Doraemon will come back to life but all the Memory of you stored will be lost forever. Do you want that? said Dorami. 

Nobita becomes sad, he closed his eyes and began crying. 

After some time, Nobita stops crying and asks Dorami to leave. 

After Dorami left, Nobita carried Doraemon and put him on a shelf. 

Now, The year 2010…

Several years went by, Doraemon was not around, Nobita worked hard, studied hard and became a scientist. 


Shizuka, his childhood sweetheart, saw the change in him and fell in love. They both get married. 

Nobita wanted to show something to Shizuka, he takes her to his Lab where he has kept Doraemon. 

Shizuka was surprised to see Doraemon. Nobita had told everyone that Doraemon had left long ago, but here he was, still lying lifeless. 


Nobita turned the switch on and Doraemon started to wake up, he opened his eyes slowly, he was back to life. 

In all these years, Nobita worked hard to become capable enough fix the robot to revive his friend without the memory loss. 

Seeing Doraemon back to life, both Nobita and Shizuka started crying. 

Doraemon opened his eyes and finally said, Nobita, did you finish your homework?