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When Songs Sung in Different Digital Formats, This is How they Sound Like

Bollywood may have been producing shitty movie once in a while (like movies in 80s), but who doesn’t like the Bollywood songs.

We all have grown up listening to them, first on Radios, then on Cassette Players, then on CDs, DVDs, now on our Portable Music Players and Smartphones.

The music remains the same but the format has changed.

Talking of formats, ever wondered who would these songs sound in different Digital formats?

The famous Minimal Bollywood Posters have creatively done some posters that use different formats in songs.

You’ll just love them.
Avi Na Jao Chor Kar

Toh bat Ban Jaye

1 Rar Kerna Mushkil Hai

Ai Ho Meri Zindagi

Doc Doc Kerne Laga

Ucha Lamba Cad

Mar Java, Tere Ishq Mein Mar Java

Cab Tak Jawani Chhupaogi Rani

DLL Toh Pagal Hai

Bin Tere Sanam Mar Mitenge Hum

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