7 Things You Can Do to Prepare for the Monday Morning


I hate the Mondays, they are very repetitive, they arrive every Week.

And the reason I hate them more, is because they come after a Sunday.


I really want to feel about work what I feel on Friday. So we bring 10 ways you can prepare yourself for the Khooni Monday.

Buy this Alarm for Yourself

This is amazing, will slap you till you are all active and get up to turn this off.

Buy this Coffe Maker Alarm

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It keeps the Coffee ready at the time you set it for. Your Coffee will be there for you to give you the caffeine you want to start your day.

Call it a night early on Sunday

Everybody wants to live the Saturday night again on Sunday, but just remember about the work that is waiting for you in office.

Sleep with your office clothes on

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This will actually help. I mean, in the morning, you convince your brain that it is too much of a task to get yourself ready and go to the office. But what if you are already dressed, ready to go to the office? like the ready to eat noodles?

Keep a Photo of Your Horrible Boss in Your Wallet


Okay, for most people, the motivational part of going to the office on Monday is to stay safe from the curse of the boss. So, print his ugly/scary face on a glossy paper and keep it with you for the motivation. :-0

Stay away from the Booze (& Babes) 🙂


Booze may be your best friend on the weekends, but keep it just to the weekends. and tell your friend, the Booze, Sunday is not the weekend.

Rehearse for the Excuse for not Completing the Project

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You know that feeling when your running behind the schedule and your Boss is ready to screw you. Spend the Monday Morning trying to come up with an excuse.

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