Twitter is better than Facebook, there I said it.

When Facebook starts filling up with relatives stalking every move you make, Twitter comes to the rescue and gives you fresh, never-ending stream of awesome content.


And if you are on Twitter, you can’t afford to follow these 10 Parody accounts that make your timeline happening. These guys share super amazing stuff.

I don’t know whether these guys take some kind of drugs to enhance their humor, but These guys share super amazing stuff.

Presenting the best Twitter Parody Accounts on Twitter ➜ 

1. Trendulkar: He keeps Trending on Twitter Every Now and Then

Twitter Bio: HI, I’m Apoorv Sood. Former Sailor boy wearing a business suit. Sports Fan, Beer lover, Quarter life crisis, Hopeless Romantic.

2. Bobby Deol: The Real One Might Not Be Active on Twitter But This Parody Account Doesn’t let you miss him

Twitter Bio: Everything is Bobby Deol. (Parody)

3. LOLendra Singh Dhoni Gives  You the Best Commentary on Cricket and A few other things on Twitter

Twitter Bio:  am the one who suggested Superman to wear underwear inside the pants.

4. Sir Ravindra Jadeja Might not be great on field but he is a star performer on Twitter

5. Kejriwal’s Diary is Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal’s Parody Account, Perhaps some of might find the real one funny too

Twitter Brio: Delhi CM. If you love something, get it free. Bharat mata ki jai. Humor revolution has begun. Don’t take tension. This is a parody account.

6. Norinder Mudi is our PM who stays in our Country all the time

Twitter Bio:PM awf INDIA, teak che. I loev DOKLA and forign t00rz. no DM pls, only PM. lulz. RTz = flying doklaz

7. Rofl Gandhi is, Apparently, smarter than the real one. 😉

Twitter Bio: Yoga kills 99.9% terrorists.

8. Gabbbar is king of Sarcasm

Twitter Bio:Wanderer. All tweets personal. RT not equals Endorsement. 

9. Aladdin from Arabian Nights Tweets about Indian Stuff

Twitter Bio: Twitter Preamble: We The Tweeple, having solemnly resolved to constitute Twitter as Sarcastic, Sycophantic, (pseudo)Secularistic, RIP-doling Platform

10. Khap Panchayat Tweets Straight from their HQ in some Khap in Haryana, Difference, they are funny

Twitter Bio: Making the world a better place, one missing couple at a time. Go against us and we’ll fatwa your behinds.