Agree with Aamir on the ‘India is Intolerent’ Debate? Here is How to Show Support


If you were not living under a rock, (which is very unlikely as you are using the internet to browse IndiHumor), you may have heard about the recent rage over Aamir Khan’s comments over the ‘India is Intolerant‘ debate that has been going on in India.

In short, Aamir said that India is becoming intolerant day by day and his wife is scared to even open the newspapers because it is filled with so much sadness.


Which Anupam Kher got furious and started tweeting things at Aamir.

and then it was Ravina Tondon (Ravina who?) the Mast Mast Girl from the 90s, remember?

Shivsena even announced 1 lakh rupees reward to someone who will slap Aamir Khan.


Some guy created a fun website that lets anyone slap Aamir, well, his photo.


When you hover your mouse over to Aamir’s face, you hear a sound of a slap, which could be satisfying for people like these…

Anyways, the website now redirects to a website called Kiss Aamir.


Seems like the guy changed his mind (or side of the debate). You can check the website out.

➤ Website: Kiss Aamir