This Instagram Account Features the Hottest Army Girls of Israel Defense Forces

And probably everyone of them is beautiful.


Years ago, a MEME that was in circulation was Indian Minister vs Italian Minister. In fact we posted more such examples a few months ago.

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Now this post is not a comparison but the hotness you get in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is not to be found anywhere.


The reason simply lies in the Countries’ policy for a a mandatory military service requirement for women.

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I know it’s really unfair to talk about the beauty of the Army girls, because it’s surely not their talent, not it is going to help them in the battlefield. But this Israel countries’ rule makes us talk about it visit spins royale.

If you are keen to see how they look, here is an Instagram account that has already done the work by featuring the hottest army girls from IDF.

You can check out Hot Israeli Army Girls Instagram profile for more.