It Isn’t Just Ram Gopal Verma Who Wanted A Good Looking Indian Politician

How can we get offended at our own joke?


India has always had a thing for good looking people. Not just in Bollywood but everywhere.

Yes, even in Politics.

This is why MEMES like this were made popular.

Indian Politicians2


Telling everyone the reason why the Youth of India is not interested in Politics.

Sometime’s asking for an exchange from the Neighbouring country with whom we are always at War.

Indian Politicians1

It isn’t true that we never had any good looking Politicians. In fact, our HRD Minister is one good looking person.

Indian Politicians5

Or at least she, at some point in time.

Indian Politicians6

It’s not her fault, It’s Politics’

Indian Politicians4

But when we finally have got one Model types Politician. There is an army of people who feel it’s not right to talk in that language.

Indian Politicians3
Angoorlata Deka is the first time MLA from Assam. She has acted in many regional films from the North East of India

Because the country is Intolerant towards almost everything. Even their own created Jokes.

When RAM Gopal Verma tweeted this jokes, some BJP Supports took offence to his tweet and started #SaySorryRGV on Twitter.

And RGV had to clarify his tweet.

While I don’t want to get into Politics and follow it much, I just hope Angoorlataji stays the way she is right now and doesn’t get inspired by our current HRD Minister. 🙂