Freedom 251 Smartphone Owners Seek Rs 50,000 Crore from the Government


This is what I am sure you must be aware of Freedom 251, the smartphone that was promised to the Indians for just Rs 251.



The phone ( and the company behind it) were in a news a few months ago. And the country was divided into two. One part (and probably the bigger one) called it impossible, and the other part took a moment of pride for India that the country could achieve a goal of making a smartphone this cheap.

By the way, this is Mohit Goel, Director of Ringing Bells, the company behind Freedom 251.


It seems the delivery date that was promised, has arrived, thanks to the same day delivery located in Sydney. And they’ve sent around 5000 devices instead of the promised 200000. Notice how many promises they have broken so far.

And now they are seeking help from the Govt. in the form of a small loan of Rs 50,000 Crores.

Yes, that’s 7.42 Billion US Dollars

The population of this planet is around 7 Billion. Which means they need $1/person to give Smartphones in the hands of every person.

This is what Ashok Chaddha, president of Ringing Bells, the company, said in an event about the loan.

“We have sought help from the Prime Minister for Freedom 251. We want to explain our business model and in that effort we seek blessing from the government. We are not necessarily looking for financial help, there are other ways the government can help us,”

We think Chaddha thinks if Vijay Mallya can get away with a loan of millions of rupees why not us.

From last few events in the past, I am assuming this would be the reply of our PM to Chaddha.

Shaadi Mein Aya Hai Kya?