This is How Every Other Article on Buzzfeed is Created


We don’t usually start the article with H3 heading, but as this one is about Buzzfeed and we are in the groove, so pardon us for too many big fonts 🙂

Buzzfeed is Father of Viral sites, that curates funny content and it creates well. At the end of the day, it gives it’s readers what is it built for, and that is Entertainment.

Buzzfeed has been accused of copying content from here and there without giving due credits.

Sometimes, it lifts the entire paragraph from an already published post from somewhere and claims it has their own.

Source: I hate Buzzfeed

Sometimes. it does give credit, but it’s placed to the extreme bottom of the post that majority of viewers fail to see.

While this is what pretty much every other’viral types’ website does (including ours) It won’t hurt to make fun of Buzzfeed for their notorious job.

Because, Man, they are becoming Rish by doing the same shit as us.

This is pretty much every article by Buzzfeed. :-)