Uber Eats delivery Guy Sneakily takes a Bite out of Customer’s Order


Back in the days, the man used to go out and hunt for their meals. These days our meals are just as wipe away. All we have to do is installing an app and order our food and the delivery guy will be on our doorstep.

A little did we know that the same delivery guy would end up taking a bite from our meal. Exactly the same happened in some part of India where Uber Eats delivery person sneakily takes a bite out of customers order.


I understand that the delivery guy must be hungry apsense, but this is just one incident that was captured on camera imagine what they would be doing when there were no cameras around.

This is one of many videos that has been going viral on social media lately. Honestly, I don’t want to be that customer.

From now on, I won’t be ordering my food from Uber eats, heck, I won’t even order my food at all.

What about you?