14 Creative Ways to Annoy People Around You


If you feel the world has become selfish, and everyone around you doesn’t care about your feeling, about what you think. Then it’s time to take revenge.

And no, I’m not talking about taking a knife and stab them in the neck. Just used these creative ways to annoy them so that they understand how it feels, and Karma is a bitch.


1. Interrupt Someone Every Few Seconds When They are Talking

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 2. Reply A long message with just a ‘k’ 


3. Sing along loudly while listening to a song with Headphones On


4. Correct Someone’s Vocabulary 



5. Give Advice even when someone doesn’t need it


6. Pick Nose in front of Others 


7. Ruin Someone’s Favourite Song by Singing it out of tune and with changed lyrics. 

Ruin Someones Favourite Song

8. Turn up the TV Volume when someone tries to start a conversation with you 

9. After Taking a Bath, Leave the Wet Towel on the Bed 

Leaving Wet Towel on Bed

10. Occupy all the space in Public Transport 

Annoy People in Transport

11. Eat Loudly with your mouth Open

eat with Mouth Open

12. Call out random Numbers when someone is counting money (or something else)  

When I am Counting

13. Borrow someone’s Mobile phone, drop it and say sorry. 

iPhone Dropped

14. Speak in a louder tone than others 

Talk Loudly