Chetan Bhagat Got Trolled Again on Twitter for His New Book ‘One Indian Girl’


Chetan Bhagat getting trolled on twitter is not a new thing. He does get trolled for almost every other tweet he makes. But the most recent one really cracked me up.

What really happened?

Chetan Bhagat has been promoting his new book ‘One Indian Girl’ quite aggressively, and he is trying every type of marketing skill he learned at the IIM (beside making love to a girl from another state – pun intended).


He tweeted a photo of his new book and asked people to tweet a picture of his new book with a nice backdrop.


And the responses he got will really crack you up.

One guy tweeted his book in a nice backdrop of his book getting sold to a Raddi-Wala. Cleverly telling his book’s worth.


This one tells that all his book cover deserved to cover is….


This tweet gives the maximum burns

Check this tweet below, one of the pages (page 57 to be specific) that contains the Masala. 50% of the readers buy his book only for this.

Read the page and and now imagine Chetan writing this by himself. Yukk.


Thank you Chetan for providing us some good entertainment. I’ve read what I wanted to read. 🙂