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How Dangerous Is Fish Pedicure? An In-Depth Look at Fish Therapy


Fish therapy, also called ichthyotherapy or doctor fish treatment, is an unusual form of skin exfoliation using live fish to nibble away dead skin cells.

This complementary therapy is growing in popularity at specialty spas and salons. But is fish therapy safe and effective? Let’s dive into the benefits, risks, and key considerations.

What is Fish Therapy?

Fish therapy involves placing your hands or feet in a shallow pool filled with a freshwater fish species called Garra rufa, or doctor fish. These toothless, non-predator fish gently suck and nibble on the skin surface eating away dry, dead skin cells.

Some reported benefits of fish therapy include:

  • Exfoliates and softens skin by removing dead cells
  • Improves circulation
  • Reduces pain and inflammation for conditions like arthritis
  • Provides stress relief and relaxation

Garra rufa fish pose very little risk of biting and do not survive in non-freshwater conditions. Salons typically provide single-use gloves and thorough disinfection procedures between clients.

Potential Risks and Safety Concerns

While generally considered safe, there are some risks associated with fish therapy to be aware of:

  • Bacterial or fungal infection if fish or tubs are not properly sanitized
  • Allergic reaction to components in fish saliva
  • Aggravation of open wounds or skin conditions
  • Lack of regulation for sanitization procedures

To reduce risks, only visit reputable salons with strict hygiene protocols and well-maintained tubs. Avoid fish therapy if you have any open cuts, sores, or known allergies. And consult your doctor if you have a condition like diabetes that affects skin sensitivity and healing.

A Woman’s Toes had to be amputated after Fish Therapy?

In 2018 there were few news websites covering the story of Victoria Curthoys, an Australian woman who lost all the toes on one of her feet after having a fish pedicure in Thailand.

She developed a rare infection called mycobacterium abscessus, which is difficult to treat and can cause serious damage to the skin and bones.

Although Curthoys’ case is extreme, there have been other reports of people getting infections from fish therapy, including some that have required hospitalization.

For this reason, many health experts advise against fish therapy, especially for people with diabetes or other health conditions that make them more susceptible to infection.

Fish therapy is not regulated in most countries, so there is no guarantee that the fish tanks are properly cleaned or that the fish are healthy. If you do choose to have a fish pedicure, be sure to choose a reputable salon and tell the staff about any medical conditions you have.

How to Try Fish Therapy Safely

Fish therapy provides an unconventional form of skin exfoliation that many find relaxing. If you wish to try it, keep these tips in mind:

  • Ask about the salon’s cleaning routine for equipment and fish.
  • Inquire about the Garra rufa’s health, living conditions, and source.
  • Start with a brief 5-10 minute session to test for any reactions.
  • Never use fish therapy with broken skin or if you are immunocompromised.
  • Notify staff of any medical conditions or sensitivities.

With proper precautions, fish therapy can be an interesting, low-risk skin treatment option. But oversight for safety practices remains limited. Do your research to find a high-quality, hygiene-focused provider for the best fish therapy experience.

Can You Score 25/25 in this Advanced Grammar Test?


Hey, are you the one who points out grammatical errors in your friend’s Facebook posts? Well, let’s see if you really know your shit.

Perks of Being the Only Child of Your Parents


This is what Hitler must feel like. Being the despot, dictating Germany, the only one. Being the only child somehow takes a tad closer to this feeling.



O yeah! You don’t even have to mark your territory for there’s no one to question your authority. Nice? Perfect!


This is the best part of being the only child. Everything belongs to you and you alone. From the materialistic joys to the love and affection of your parents.



Your wish becomes their command. You are given the best of everything. I think it helps you in the long run. You always manage to get what you want because you’ve never taken a no for an answer. Somewhere, pampering too helps 😉



Yes, you heard me right. You learn to stand up for yourself, learn to take the onus of your actions. You don’t depend on others to get your work done.

The Absence of a sibling, mom-dad busy with their chores, leave you with no option but to get things done by yourself. This way, you don’t even have to share the credit of a job well done ?



You explore things in and around you and discover things to entertain yourself. This also hones your creative skills and helps you find out unique ways to deal with the monotony, and all by yourself ?

10 Worst Bollywood Movies of 1980s


1980s is the worst Decade for the Bollywood ever. This is the year when Bollywood Movies transitioned into more commercialism with an aim to just make money, a trend we are seeing from past few years.

Remake of South Indian movies wasn’t started with Salman Khan movies, Bollywood of 1980s was full of remakes from the south.

Not all the Movies that released in 1980 were crap, there were few cult movies that are still joy to watch, but there were too many films that doesn’t not make us proud of Bollywood of 1980.

Here is a list of 10 worst movies from 1980s ranked according to their IMDb ratings.

1.Dosti Dushmani (1986)


This could be the reason Jitendra never got any Flimfare award.

2. Aag Se Khelenge (1989)

Aag se khelenge_1989

Jitendra Againm playing with Fire.

3. Ek Hi Maqsad (1988)


Good Actor learn from their Bad films, maybe Om Puri did from this one.

4. Ram Avatar (1988)


Two best friends, one girl. This Ameer Ghareeb dosti was a film where one friend sacrifices everything, even the last drop of blood in his body.

Even this couldn’t save this movie from making it to this list.

5. Gangaa Jamunaa Saraswati (1988)

Gangaa Jamunaa Saraswati_1988

What ‘Ek Hi Maqsad’ was for Om Puri, is what this movie was for Big B.

6. jeeva (1986)



Sanju Baba’s Dad Sunil Datt has played the role of decoits in many classics. But this formula didn’t work in 1980s hence 4.3 ratings.

7. 7 Saal Baad (1987)



7 Saal baad makes it to the number 7 just by chance, perhaps it was destined.

8. Akhri Baazi (1989)


9. Himmatwala (1983)


If the Original Himmatwala could get 4.3 ratings, it was obvious that it’s remake, that too directed by Sajid Khan, would get only 2 points. And yes, Jitendra again.

10. Tamacha


Even Rajnikant couldn’t save this film from becoming the word film of 1980s, wait, did you notice Jitendra in the poster?. I seriously couldn’t find any movie from 80s with 3.7 ratings on IMDb.

Do you know any?

Fun Fact

Worst Actor of 1980s: Jitendra, who is in 4 out of 10 films in this list.

Worst year of 1980s: 1988, with 4 out of 10 movies released in that year.

When the worst actor  of 1980s does a film in the worst year of 1980s, the film ends up becoming the worst film of 1980s.

Why is it Necessary To Be Sarcastic?


Webster defines sarcasm as ” a mode of satirical wit depending for its effect on bitter, caustic, and often ironic language that is usually directed against an individual “.

It is really important to be sarcastic at times. You ask why? Check out reasons below






Twitter is Trolling This American Guy Who Tweeted a Question About Bathrooms in India


We Indians have our own share of bathroom struggles whenever we visit a foreign country where, you know, toilet paper is prepared over water.

Because here in India we have invented our own system of using water even with a western toilet. Is called the jet spray, that sprays water and… wait a minute, do I need to tell you how to use it? I’m sure you already know,

If you are not like this guy who has no idea why is that water hose next to the toilet.

Now, by looking at the Tweet, we can’t be certain if the guy is being sarcastic is really not aware of why it is there.

But, wait before the cat gets killed because of the curiosity, and go through the Tweets that started it trolling this guy over his ignorance.

If his tweet was sarcastic, this guy has a perfect response for him.

Here is this Muslim guy explaining him, the religion tells everyone to watch their parts after using the toilet.


And this,


And some serious debate over hygiene

This one might make him even more confusing, unless he tries some Indian Food.

Here’s one more

Wonder what he is going to tweets if he visits Interior parts of India.

Was the guy really joking or what he serious about not knowing why the Jet spray was there?

I went to his Twitter profile and review of face straight and it seems that she is a nice guy with good sense of humor so it is most likely to be a joke and he is aware of its usage.

But Twitter only needs a target, and it was him at that moment. His tweet has got over 4k retweets and a thousand mentions. So, seems Twitter had a lot of fun with him.

9 Types of Teachers You Meet at School and College


Variety is what we live for and there’s no place where you find it more than in a school or a college. Life would be so normal if you met every one of the same kind. And, to be very frank, normal is boring.

Variety adds that little extra to your life. It doesn’t just end with the students or your classmates as there are a number of different faculty members and non-teaching staff you see there.

You come up against people of all shapes and sizes in such a place. You remember the most of them and the rest are forgotten in laughter.

1. The Prim and Proper


The ”no nonsense” teacher. Sit upright, look uptight- That’s the motto of such a teacher. A teacher like this won’t indulge in the usual college gossip or the school chatter. That’s beneath them. They’ll enter the class, expecting the students to because of their existence, perform a salutation in their honor and just be overall privileged to be in their presence. Except, it doesn’t really work out like that.

Such teachers follow the fundamentals and do everything by the book, assuming their word to be followed to the letter, making the students pinch themselves to check whether they really are in the class and not in the court of law.

They feel mortally wounded if a student asks for their permission to be excused, shaking their head grievously at a world that has failed them.

2. The Iceman


Everyone’s friend, the ”cool” one. The teacher who has a good word for every student and likes to play everything nice and easy. They more often than not tend to be overly friendly with the opposite sex, offering a helping hand whenever they can.

They try to mix in with the young generation in every way possible and show they are street enough to be one of them, pleading for the age gap to be ignored. Always happy to have the students over at the house for a friendly chat as well.

As always, students take advantage of this and the only thing happening in such classes is joking and bouts of laughter as this teacher tries to show the fun side of studies, or the bright side of life in case of a particularly grim subject.

3.  “Did You Hear that About Him from Her?”


The Gossip monger. Who cares about studies if there’s hot, juicy gossip to be had? Topics like regular studies and course completion are below such teachers.

They wake up everyday, so they can hear something interesting about someone from someone else. Their lunch is incomplete without a proper dose of succulent gossip.

They chatter away about one class in the other, forgetting that students talk and word gets around. Whatever honey this bee gathers, like an obedient bee, it goes back with it to the bee hive, the staff room.

4.  Why are you asking me? 


The one teacher who makes every student question how they ever got the job. Such teachers hide their degree and keep it locked up in a safe lest someone ask them for it.  Such teachers are the reason students question the meaning of life and wonder whether Santa’s real or not.

The teacher in question always has absolutely no idea what they are supposed to teach and for them the course is like switching on the Discovery channel, learning something new about their own course every day. But don’t kid yourself if you think they’ll ever accept their shortcomings!

They conveniently hide behind remarks such as, ” Ask your classmate” , ” I’m not going to tell you. Find out yourself.” They calmly go about their jobs in their usual haphazard manner, ignoring the hair-tearing students and their needs

5. Why are You not Running?


The same question should be asked of this teacher. Why aren’t you? People will discover The Victoria’s secret, how Ted met his kids’ mother, what The Rock is cooking, who killed Kennedy but will never be able to get their head around a fat P.ed teacher.

Hell will freeze over before someone explains correctly why a teacher who can’t run to save his/ her life is the P.ed teacher. They expect students to run around in rings without stopping when they themselves only run when the bell rings for lunch and they have to be the first one to the cafeteria.

They order students to do this many or that many push ups and sit ups when, frankly, if they ever go down for a push up, they only get back up with the help of a crane.

6.  Because I said so.


The Partial one. The one who gets on the nerves of every student in the class, bar one. The one who’s the teacher’s pet or the favorite one. This student, on the outside, will try to show it doesn’t make a difference or the favoritism doesn’t get to the head, while on the inside, this person is absolutely glowing.

The teacher forgets 2+2 = 4 if her favorite gets 5 somehow. They’ll spend all their life, fighting every losing battle trying to explain how it actually is true and the others don’t really have the basic idea how Mathematics works.

This gives the teacher’s favorite the license to do whatever they want in the class and be the King for just one period. Reasoning and logic go out of the window when you try to explain to this teacher why their favorite is in the wrong. Absolutely nothing doing there. Any word against their favorite is a strict no no!

7. Rip Van Winkle


The Sleeping Beauty. Their first and foremost job is to have a good nap in the class. Nothing should come in the way of that, not even something as trivial as an examination. They go about everything at their own slow pace, be it teaching or walking, making students wonder if this teacher brings a sleeping bag as well.

They tend to hold Rip Van Winkle conventions in the class, either making everybody fall asleep with their lifeless classes and dull manner of teaching or snoozing themselves. Even something as petty as a subject course can’t lessen the importance of a good nap during the class.

8. Sorry. Who are you again? 


The confused teacher, who has truly no idea what is going on in the class and has no control whatsoever over it. Their course is a mystery to them as much as the next student and they tend to barge in the class thinking it’s their period when it’s not.

Such wanderings often lead to them coming late to a class and leaving early, making them everyone’s favorite and students’ choice for the teacher of the year. They get puzzled even by the most insignificant of things and ponder over them for hours.

They start a topic with such earnest and care that in the middle of a very vigorous speech they forget how they started with Atom and ended up talking about the fight of independence of their country. ” Is it Monday today? ” ” No teacher, it was Monday seven days ago.” And they walk thinking what went wrong there.

9. When are you Signing Your Next Movie?


The one every student has a crush on and the opposite sex is full of admiration for. This teacher can do no wrong. Doesn’t matter if they stabbed a puppy. If they look so good, they must have had a good reason for it.

Violins and guitars are a recurring theme whenever such a teacher passes, making the student wonder what wrong did they do in their previous life to be younger than this person.

It doesn’t matter if this person can’t teach as long as they are present in the class for the students to ogle at. Students are willing to sacrifice their hard earned or well, requested, pocket money to get private tuition from this being.

Whistling or humming romantic songs while looking at this teacher or passing them by is a persistent thing which a student does without missing a beat.

The one class where every student’s attendance is always up to the mark, the one teacher no one can hear wrong about, the one teacher who students point out as the shining example of how a faculty should be, not for their teaching prowess of course.

This Guy from Pakistan Teaches You How to Handle Rejection


In every country, there is a show people are crazy about, Ours is the MTV Roadies, which is Airing on the TVs for the 10th year, My Entire Generation has grown up watching the show.

Ever since it’s inception, there is an ongoing debate whether this show is an Epic show for the Youth to prove themselves or it is just pure shit.

Well, let’s just keep this debate aside for some other day and talk about a show from Pakistan, which is on a completely different level.

The name of the show is Living on the Edge, but its format is pretty much like the Roadies, which is Utter shit.

Why can we say that? Well, you’ll just have to watch the video to understand.

The Host of the Show, Waqar Zaka, is a man for whom, the normal ways of doing things is just too mainstream. And his style of selecting someone is more of a rejecting someone. Check out the video.

Just in case you are wondering how did he become the Judge of the show? Well, here is the answer.

Can you make this sign? I knew you can’t….That’s why Waqar Zaka Rocks….

5 Stupid Things You Do When You Are ALONE


This one is for all those who feel like the “king of the world.” When they are home alone. The thrill that you can do anything and that too along with all the noise, screaming at the top of your voice without anyone knowing it. When you are alone you act the craziest because that is the time you are with you best of the best friends i.e. yourself.

Here is some crazy stuff that I think each of us must have tried.

1: The Master Chef Act


Home Alone!  You always feel hungry and then comes the time to put on your chef hat as if you are Master chef winner, even better judge.

This is the best time to experiment with all the available ingredients and the best part comes when you act like the host of a cooking show and keep on speaking of the recipe as if there’s a camera in front of you and an audience of a thousand people listening to you.

2: The Fear Act


The word alone for some people connote fear or horror. Left alone at night they feel like some actor of a horror film and their house become the gothic castle where all spirits, ghosts and witches reside in there.

You tremble at every noise, keep on checking the ceiling or under the bed as if reluctantly hoping to see some ghost. You switch on all the lights and collect all your stuff in one room and sit there long.

3: The ‘Michael Jackson’ Act


When you are alone and you have nothing to do, the Michael Jackson in you come out haunting you. This is the craziest thing you can do to turn on your favourite music and dance to your own time.

This is the time when you can do all your crazy steps which you dare not perform in front of anyone else. The best part comes when you start jumping on your bed singing the song loudest. That is where you feel “my life is at its happiest.”

4: The Mirror Act


The actor in you suddenly wakes up as soon as you stand in front of the mirror. But when you are alone that some actor becomes the best comedian and you try all funniest expressions and laugh at yourself. This is the time when you are at peak of your stupidity and no one but only you are there to laugh at yourself.

5: The View of Life Act


This one is for all the day-dreamers who never feel like doing anything but think. In these lazy hours of loneliness sometimes you just lie upside on your bed gazing at you not so pretty toes and think of the world as you are the one who has to take the responsibility of the coming generation though only in your imagination.

The time alone is your time and you should do or try everything you want as that is the only time when you feel free.


5 Things Only A Short Guy Will Understand


Every guy on earth wishes to have a physique of a Greek God! But only a few are the lucky ones to attain this supernatural feat. A lavish 6 feet frame is what every guy desires the most in his appearance till he hits college. Unfortunately, for some this remains a dream forever.

Let’s look at the 5 points only a short guy can understand…

1. Nickname- “BAUNA”/”TIDDA”


The Station Agent

Well, this is embarrassing… When you’re hanging out or playing with your so called best buddies and they shout out to you as, “Abe Tidde sun!” in public, it is a mind destroying moment for any guy.

2. Your Girlfriend can NEVER wear high (or even slightest) heels when with you.


Initially it’s all understandable love between the couple but later on as the frustration continues to build up in the female species it can result into a catastrophic outburst of sarcasm during a fight… You surely wouldn’t want that to happen. Would ya?

3. You want to kill yourself when you realize that your younger siblings are getting taller than you.


The Station Agent

This is one of the worst fears in the life of a guy to see his younger sis getting taller than him. You tend to avoid the company of your younger siblings taller than you and to be true, its quite embarrassing for them too to “LOOK DOWN” at their elder bro (well initially)… KARMA!! MAY YOU BURN IN HELL!!

4. When you see girls taller than you… You begin to hate nature’s plans.


I’d rather not say anything about this… (And the karma still burns in hell…)

5. You NEVER give up to try to gain those few extra inches of height.


You never let the burning desire to grow taller to fade away, you keep trying to gain a few inches or even centimeters of height, however possible! You will still listen and try out the height growing “nuskhe” from people even when you have celebrated your 22nd birthday!

BUT, you can still get to this level. So Chill.


6 Facts that Prove Gaming is Much Better than Girls


Being in a relationship is good but at some point of your relationship, you must’ve felt… “WHY??!!”

Here are 6 points that prove that VIDEO GAMES are a lot better than GIRLS…

1. There’s a RESET button!


This is perhaps the BEST reason why Video Games have a huge upper-hand over relationship.

2. You are always equipped with items to save you from any danger


This is NOT AT ALL POSSIBLE in real life! The karma will find a way to get to you one way or the other…

3. You always know where you are heading!


You either have a compass or a map in the game while on the other hand you just don’t have any clue about your whereabouts sellhouse-asis when you are with a girl…



They save you in the game but they destroy you in real life if your girl finds out… If you know what I mean!

5. Save and Continue at your convenience.


I don’t think I have to explain this…

6. Reflexes are sharpened


The sudden attacks make your reflexes a lot better and sharp whereas a girl damages your thinking process…

7 Struggles of Being THE ELDEST in Your Family


Being the eldest in the family is not at all an easy task. You must’ve performed some serious sins in your past life that you were punished for being the eldest in your generation!

Here’s a list of 7 problems every Senior Citizen could relate to.

1. STUDY, STUDY and STUDY Till You Die!


Padhoge nahi to kya karogeBheekh mangoge?” This statement was enough to bring your world to an end. Everyone must’ve heard these heart-breaking, life-shattering words from their parents at least a zillion times be it the elder sibling or the younger one.

But, being the elder the amount of beating received with this statement was exponentially higher.

2. The Whole Vehicle Follows the FRONT WHEEL


Bend It Like Beckham

Seriously, being the eldest if you make even a slightest mistake, it would lead to a bad impression on your younger siblings (even if they never come to know what the hell happened)! So, you’ve gotta be the most sincere human being ever alive… After all, you’re the leader of the pack!

3. Love thy Siblings (even if they break your favorite mug)


Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham

Everyone loves their siblings. We love it when they scribble on our assignments, we love it when they eat up our share of the food, we even love them when they bug us to give them our phones and laptops to play games!

Seriously, aren’t this pesting, bugging relatives fun to be around?

4. Don’t Even Look at the Opposite Gender! (or Maybe the Same as well)


Bend It Like Beckham

Take this advice. If you happen to talk to your friend of the opposite gender in front of your relatives, make sure you’ve already got a life insurance and a new home to live!e

5. Love and Respect All Your Relatives


Remember the sweet annoying aunt of yours who used to tear your cheeks apart with affection? And the uncle who always had a story to tell about an underprivileged kid doing better at academics than you?

And how can you forget how they used to spy on you as if you’re a recent recruit of a terrorist organization and they are the undercover agents of the Indian government.

No matter how annoying and ridiculous these people may get, you’ve got to love and respect them. After all, you are the eldest and THEY ARE FAMILY!

6. Learn to sacrifice


Bend It Like Beckham

“Tum bade ho na?” If you are the eldest in your family you will know what these words feel like…

7. Shaadi!


Bend It Like Beckham

If you are the eldest in your house relatives would be excited about your marriage since you the time you will get into class 12, and by the time you graduate, they would’ve probably seen about a dozen matches for you! Akhir aap unke RAJA BETA/RAJKUMARI hain.

6 Ways Our Parents React on Our Exam Results


Results! The most dreaded word. The word in itself holds the immense power to make an atheist to a theist. Actually no! Results can’t be the only thing. Our dear parents, of course, ever ready to embed your heart and mind with terror. It’s just something in the way our parents react, ever so unique and just so…’parent-like’ 😉

1. How Did You Even Pass?

Amrish-Puri-Reacion1Had it been for the parents, they would’ve awarded you with the ‘Dumber-than-a-box-of-rocks’ awards! A report card with no red mark or sans the back paper is such a pleasant ‘surprise’ to them.

2. Did You Cheat In Your Exam?


What? Nooooo!! In fact, I helped the others in the class to pass. I was their guardian angel!
Yeah like they are ever gonna buy this. Parents are way smarter than we think them to be. They’ve been there, done that)

3. Let’s Compare!


One of those times when you wish your friend had actually failed the exams. The time when you want to thrust the knife into Mr.Sharma’s ‘topper’ son and twist the knife first to your right and then to your left. Too gory? Okay sorry :p

4. Time for a Lecture


This is the lecture that every parent saves for a day like this. The lecture after the results are announced! They give you a quick insight into your future and scare you to death. They paint a vivid picture of how dark and gloomy your future is going to be. Scarier than the movie, Conjuring!

5. Cellphone’s the Culprit


Yes, because when they can’t think of anything, they blame your cellphone. An easy target! The scapegoat! Poor cellphones…I pity them.
“Poora din phone Mein! Padhai kab hogi? Tabhi aesa result!” Mom-dad, take a chill-pill

6. 90%? Bas?

“Even a child with below average IQ could score more than you!” Now there goes your last shred of dignity and self-respect -_-

5 Times School Textbook Were Trending for all Wrong Reasons


When Text from 12th Class CBSE Textbook on Physical Education Went Viral

The textbook claimed ’36’-’24’-’36’ is the best figure for females. In a reply to this, the Union Minister of Human Resource Development, Prakash Javadekar has criticized the remark and said the text is non-defendable and unacceptable.

When a Class 6 Textbook Printed the Wrong Date of Birth of Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar

A course book named ‘An Introduction to the Marathi Language’ had a chapter on the father of the Indian constitution.  Instead of April 14, the publisher mentioned Ambedkar’s date of birth as April 4. This error seems to be a typo published by a Marathi teachers’ association

When a Class 4 Textbook Gives Instructions on How to Kill a Cat

The book, which is part of Delhi school (name withheld) explicates with the help of experiment that “living things breathe” and “living things need air to breathe”.

When a Class 12 Textbook gives ‘Women’s Ugliness’ the reason for the demand for dowry by men

Maharashtra HSC Class 12 Sociology textbook reflected woman’s ugliness as one of the reasons for dowry demanded by the groom’s family

When a University Textbook Called Shaheed Bhagat Singh a Terrorist

Maharashtra HSC Class 12 Sociology textbook reflected woman’s ugliness as one of the reasons for dowry demanded by the groom’s family