Are You Fasting This Karva Chauth? This Video will Lighten You Up


So, finally it’s the time of the year when Women are crazy again for Mehendi, Dresses, and Gifts. It’s Karva Chauth time.


For people living outside India, in Karva Chauth, all the women keep a long day fast for the well being of their husbands. Though some husbands also keep the fast to accompany their wives.

It’s pretty popular thing among the Hindu religion.

Spending the entire day without eating or drinking water is a big challenge. Some people think it’s not fair for only women to keep this fast and still Indian women do it for their husbands.

If you are women and will be fasting, we know how tough it is, and I’m sure this video will lighten you up a bit so make the process of fasting little smoother for you.

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