A Mother Captured A Day in Life with Her Daughter Using A Selfie Stick

A Day in A Life of A Mother....


Everyone in my Facebook timeline seems to be celebrating Mother’s Day and I think the Celebration won’t fit in a day. After all, Mother’s dedicate the rest of their lives for their children.

What we should do is, we should celebrate Mother’s Week, Perhaps Mother’r Month or Maybe the Whole Year.


Anyway let’s keep the daily gyaan aside for a while and check out these beautiful and crazy pictures captured by a mother with her daughter using a selfie stick.

And the picture tell the true what mess mother’s have to go thorough to raise their children.

This is How the Day Starts. A Mother Doesn’t Need Any Alarm Clock to Wake U

A Day in Life of Mother01

Her job starts right when she gets up.

A Day in Life of Mother02

She Feeds the baby before even doing the morning chores

A Day in Life of Mother32

And She is always has a company, always.

A Day in Life of Mother04

Her person care is managed when the baby takes a nap

A Day in Life of Mother05

And babies don’t sleep for long.

A Day in Life of Mother06

World’s one of the toughest Job < Feeding the Baby

A Day in Life of Mother07

And not to forget the usual mess created by the Baby in every few minutes.

A Day in Life of Mother09

They become multi taskers

A Day in Life of Mother10

Changing time is fun time. Not

A Day in Life of Mother11

Taking them to parks, making them feel good. Mother does it all.

A Day in Life of Mother12

And she is aways found in the Baby Section of Supermarkets.

A Day in Life of Mother13


A Day in Life of Mother14

She always has a watch on her children

A Day in Life of Mother15

She gets tired by the night and wait for the baby to feel the same so that she can finally go to bed to start all over again.

A Day in Life of Mother16

It’s one of many days from a mother’s life.

Here is another video that went viral a few months ago. it the photos above make you feel it’s an easy job, just watch the video, it might change your mind.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Picture Source: Bored Panda