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6 Characters Every Friends Circle Has

Variety is the spice of life and so are our friends. They spice up our lives just as much or maybe more. They are the family we get to choose hence, we try and make it as colorful as possible!

1. The Chandler Bing or The Sarcastic One


We always have that one friend in the group that uses sarcasm as a natural defense to, umm basically, morons! They entertain you, make you laugh, ply their wits and emerge as owning most of the situations!

2. The Sheldon Cooper or The I-Know-It-All


The google, the news channel of the circle. A friend who knows pretty much everything. This is a very useful species as they save you time and provide every compendious detail that you ever needed!
“yaar Tunisia ka president?” “I know!”
“Uss ladki ka number?” “I know”!!

3. The Jon Snow or The You-Know-Nothing’


There’s always a Jon Snow in the group that is mostly clueless and also is the last one ever to receive the news!
“Hey, our friend Jon got a new car!”
“Jon? Who’s he?” *clueless*

4. The Hermione Granger or The Topper


The circle is incomplete without that one diligent, studious friend who is a favourite of the teachers and of course, our parents too. They score the best grades and know every chapter by heart. And as you know, every group needs a Hermione, to say the right spells.

5. The Monica Geller or The Organized One


A friend that keeps the entire group in line and organized! And mind you, these are the kind that keeps a well-equipped pencil box, brings delicious lunch, a water bottle and have a notebook for each subject. They are the ‘I want my eraser back in my box’ of our groups!

6. The SRK or The Hopeless Romantic


The dreamer, the lover boy/girl. They have an aim in life and they put their heart and…just heart to make things work. They dream of a soul-mate, a perfect romantic date and eventually a perfect wedding. Actually no, that won’t be all for them. Dreamers dream… Of perfect kids too!

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