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5 Stupid Things You Do When You Are ALONE

5 Stupid Things You Do When You Are ALONE

This one is for all those who feel like the “king of the world.” When they are home alone. The thrill that you can do anything and that too along with all the noise, screaming at the top of your voice without anyone knowing it. When you are alone you act the craziest because that is the time you are with you best of the best friends i.e. yourself.

Here is some crazy stuff that I think each of us must have tried.

1: The Master Chef Act


Home Alone!  You always feel hungry and then comes the time to put on your chef hat as if you are Master chef winner, even better judge.

This is the best time to experiment with all the available ingredients and the best part comes when you act like the host of a cooking show and keep on speaking of the recipe as if there’s a camera in front of you and an audience of a thousand people listening to you.

2: The Fear Act


The word alone for some people connote fear or horror. Left alone at night they feel like some actor of a horror film and their house become the gothic castle where all spirits, ghosts and witches reside in there.

You tremble at every noise, keep on checking the ceiling or under the bed as if reluctantly hoping to see some ghost. You switch on all the lights and collect all your stuff in one room and sit there long.

3: The ‘Michael Jackson’ Act


When you are alone and you have nothing to do, the Michael Jackson in you come out haunting you. This is the craziest thing you can do to turn on your favourite music and dance to your own time.

This is the time when you can do all your crazy steps which you dare not perform in front of anyone else. The best part comes when you start jumping on your bed singing the song loudest. That is where you feel “my life is at its happiest.”

4: The Mirror Act


The actor in you suddenly wakes up as soon as you stand in front of the mirror. But when you are alone that some actor becomes the best comedian and you try all funniest expressions and laugh at yourself. This is the time when you are at peak of your stupidity and no one but only you are there to laugh at yourself.

5: The View of Life Act


This one is for all the day-dreamers who never feel like doing anything but think. In these lazy hours of loneliness sometimes you just lie upside on your bed gazing at you not so pretty toes and think of the world as you are the one who has to take the responsibility of the coming generation though only in your imagination.

The time alone is your time and you should do or try everything you want as that is the only time when you feel free.



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