10 Worst Bollywood Movies of 1980s


1980s is the worst Decade for the Bollywood ever. This is the year when Bollywood Movies transitioned into more commercialism with an aim to just make money, a trend we are seeing from past few years.

Remake of South Indian movies wasn’t started with Salman Khan movies, Bollywood of 1980s was full of remakes from the south.


Not all the Movies that released in 1980 were crap, there were few cult movies that are still joy to watch, but there were too many films that doesn’t not make us proud of Bollywood of 1980.

Here is a list of 10 worst movies from 1980s ranked according to their IMDb ratings.

1.Dosti Dushmani (1986)


This could be the reason Jitendra never got any Flimfare award.

2. Aag Se Khelenge (1989)

Aag se khelenge_1989

Jitendra Againm playing with Fire.

3. Ek Hi Maqsad (1988)


Good Actor learn from their Bad films, maybe Om Puri did from this one.

4. Ram Avatar (1988)


Two best friends, one girl. This Ameer Ghareeb dosti was a film where one friend sacrifices everything, even the last drop of blood in his body.

Even this couldn’t save this movie from making it to this list.

5. Gangaa Jamunaa Saraswati (1988)

Gangaa Jamunaa Saraswati_1988

What ‘Ek Hi Maqsad’ was for Om Puri, is what this movie was for Big B.

6. jeeva (1986)



Sanju Baba’s Dad Sunil Datt has played the role of decoits in many classics. But this formula didn’t work in 1980s hence 4.3 ratings.

7. 7 Saal Baad (1987)



7 Saal baad makes it to the number 7 just by chance, perhaps it was destined.

8. Akhri Baazi (1989)


9. Himmatwala (1983)


If the Original Himmatwala could get 4.3 ratings, it was obvious that it’s remake, that too directed by Sajid Khan, would get only 2 points. And yes, Jitendra again.

10. Tamacha


Even Rajnikant couldn’t save this film from becoming the word film of 1980s, wait, did you notice Jitendra in the poster?. I seriously couldn’t find any movie from 80s with 3.7 ratings on IMDb.

Do you know any?

Fun Fact

Worst Actor of 1980s: Jitendra, who is in 4 out of 10 films in this list.

Worst year of 1980s: 1988, with 4 out of 10 movies released in that year.

When the worst actor  of 1980s does a film in the worst year of 1980s, the film ends up becoming the worst film of 1980s.