And the Best Cult Movie Award Goes to ‘Gunda’


After seeing so much buzz around this Hindi film called Gunda, I finally watched it.

It wasn’t my first attempt, I think I tried watching it earlier this year as well when some YouTube Channel mentioned it in their video. minutes into the movie, I had to close it down, because, well some other work. :p

Second and third attempt at watching the movie ended up quite similarly, but for the sake of writing this review. I had to watch it completely and all I can say is, 8.3 rating on IMDb is little low, it should be near somewhere around 9.2. At least according to what this review on IMDb has to say,

Man…Words are not enough to describe “Gunda”…This movie is guaranteed to have a profound impact on the viewers. Be it Mithun’s acting, or the entire army of Baddies, this movie has got it all. Surely some people may dismiss the movie as any other “B” grade movie, but the kind of thinking that has gone into writing the story, screenplay, dialogs, and creation of characters is unparalleled.


My personal Fav. scene is where Mithun’s sister is going on a “walk” in hot pants, and is saved from molestation by a guy who wants to molest her eventually. Isn’t that something. And not to mention the entire gang of just isn’t possible to describe how much effort each guy has put in his acting…


Watch this for its full entertainment value…You won’t regret it. 

So, what do you think?

Watch the review embedded above and let us know if you like it. We have 10 more movies to offer.


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