The Timeliners

In a normal scenario, this could be called a blatant copyright infringement, but this could be an exception. Before telling you about the entire copyright infringement thing, here is a bit of backstory.

The Timeliners

An artist, Asrar, from Pakistan, made a selfie video for his song ‘Mast Hua’ last year. It was quite an average song with the average singer but the video was quite nice, the entertainment factor was full on.

And the video did pretty well in India as well, thanks to the common language both the countries share.

However it’s not just the language that we share, it’s a lot more, from culture to the Independence, as both the country got their Independence pretty much at the same time.

The Timeliners

Now Asrar’s doppelganger Satchit, who is a non-singer from India, came up with this idea to add something to this already popular song and they nailed it.

Surprising thing is, he added to the song without even meeting Asrar, which could be called as  a copyright infringement.

But then it is all done for the good. And here is the entire video


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